Steve Trash - Public Television Star!
Steve Trash


Steve Trash:
Trash & Recycle Show

(A Totally Rockin' Environment Show)



Steve Trash:
The Upcycling Illusionist




Steve Trash:
Science of Ecology

(A Totally Rockin' Environment Show)

Began Touring in 2012



Steve Trash:
Ecology Is Awesome

(A Totally Rockin' Environment Show)

Began Touring in 2016



Steve Trash Science: LIVE

(A Totally Rockin' Science Show)

New Show

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Steve Trash Green Street Magic for Fairs & Festivals

Steve Trash makes them gasp!

"Best Daily Performer at the N.C. State Fair by a mile!!! He's a how-did-he-do-that illusionist who is Informative, Hilarious, Eco-Educational Entertainer, and a true crowd pleaser!"
- Triangle Downtowner Magazine

Steve creates magical performances all over your fair grounds or festival event grounds with his amazing Green Street Magic Show.

Equipped with a mobile garbage can and a box of magic tricks, he finds a high traffic space, gathers his audience, and goes to work.

Fair attendees get to see outstanding sleight of hand illusions that illustrate ecological ideas.

This show is appropriate for both grown-ups and kids. It’s the perfect fair act; no sound system, no stage required. It just requires fairgoers ready to be entertained and an amazingly original and interactive Green Street Magic Show.

Appropriate for approx. 1-100 people. This show is wild and wonderful.

The Steve Trash Green Street Magic Show is unlike anything you've ever seen!

Steve Trash’s FAIR STAGE SHOW - Montage - Kentucky State Fair

Steve Trash’s Street Magic Montage

Steve Trash Performing the Amazing KEY BENDER at Panoply Arts Festival

Steve Trash on Channel 12 News - Kansas


  • Wisconsin State Fair - Milwaukee, WI - 21 years
  • The State Fair of Texas - Dallas, TX - 8 years
  • Ohio State Fair - Columbus, OH - 3 years
  • Kansas State Fair - Hutchinson, KS
  • The Meadowlands Fair, Meadowlands, NJ - 5 years
  • Iowa State Fair - Des Moines, IA - 4 years
  • Montgomery National Fair - Montgomery, AL
  • Michigan State Fair - Detroit, MI
  • Illinois State Fair - Springfield, IL
  • Mid-South Fair - Memphis, TN
  • Wyandotte County Fair, Kansas City, KS – 2 years
  • Western Washington Fair - Puyallup, WA - 7 years
  • Missouri State Fair - Sedalia, MO - 4 years
  • Kanzadays - Winfield, KS
  • Volusia County - Volusia, FL - 2 years
  • Gage County Fair - Beatrice, NE - 3 years
  • Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo - Casper, WY – 3 years
  • Dubuque County Fair - Dubuque, IA - 3 years
  • Red River Festival - Winnopeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Orange County Fair - Costa Mesa, CA
  • Tri-County Fair - Mendotta, IL - 4 years
  • Alaska State Fair – Fairbanks, AK
  • Marin County Fair - San Rafael, CA
  • Montgomery County Ag. Fair – Gaithersburg, MD
  • Panoply Arts Festival - Huntsville, AL - 3 years
  • Encontros Magicos – Coimbra, Portugal
  • Dream Factory – Tokyo, Japan
  • Jornadas Internacionales de Magia – Zamora, Spain
  • LisboaMagica – Lisbon, Portugal

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Mark Sparks - 502-594-1276 or email

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"Steve Trash rocked the Family Fair Stage at Baldwin Park. The audiences here loved him and we'll have him back."

- Theresa Weinfurtner - Minnesota State Fair

"A class act, a true joy to work with, and a hit with fairgoers of all ages."

- Denny Stoecklein - Kansas State Fair

"Steve Trash is one of the best magicians I've ever seen."

- Errol McKoy - State Fair of Texas

"We highly recommend Steve Trash for both stage shows and strolling magic - he is a unique, loveable, and fun entertainer."

- Jim Farley - Marin County Fair

"Steve Trash has been a part of the Wisconsin State Fair for the past five years and brings along with him a standard of professionalism seldom seen in this business.

Steve Trash is the quality attraction that we all look for and his talent and rapport with the audience goes without saying. He will be welcome here for many years to come.

I also can't say enough of his work ethic. He is always more than willing to go above and beyond if the situation calls for it. A true team player. I would show no hesitation recommending Steve for any venue."

- Cheri Gravitter - Wisconsin State Fair

“It has been our pleasure to have the Steve Trash Show at the 2000 and 2001 Ohio State Fairs. Steve has all the qualities you look for in a grounds entertainer.

He is professional, dependable, flexible, affordable and has a very entertaining, high quality, original show.

Steve drew excellent crowds to our KidStuff Stage, but his act isn't just popular with the children. His show was enjoyed by family members of all ages.

Steve Trash is great to work with and I would highly recommend him to any fair or festival looking for top quality, family entertainment."

- Brett D. Chance - Ohio State Fair

"For a first time entertainer, Steve Trash quickly became a fair favorite based on his crowds and the response we received from fairgoers thanking us for bringing him to the Fair. His professional act, coupled with his passion for all things 'green,' made a powerful impact on our fairgoers."

- Jeremy Parsons Manager - Clay County Fair Spencer, IA
Steve Trash makes them gasp!

A short list of fair performance underwriters:

These folks share your expenses and we drop their names as sponsors...nice idea huh?
  • BFI... Casper, Wyoming
  • Integrated Solid Waste Dept... Des Moines, Iowa
  • Cousins Subs, Milwaukee... Wisconsin
  • Miller Lite... Dallas, TX
  • Keep Mississippi Beautiful
  • Keep Texas Beautiful
  • Biloxi Beautification Committee
  • Volusia County Recycles