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Gumbo Limbo

Want to adopt a Sea Turtle? You can. Our friends at Gumbo Limbo rehab and release these beautiful animals back into the wild. You can help. Adopt today! h

Pilly Pootnik

Pilly Pootnik sells great toys. My favorite product line they carry are made by Green Toys. Made in America and made of 100% Post Consumer Plastic. These are tough toys... really really well made. They include really cool boats, recycling trucks, cars, and eco-saucers. They are terrific. Visit the Pilly Pootnik Website.

Cigar Box Guitars

Amazing custom made Cigar Box Guitars by Justin Johnson.

Justin Johnson

Free Roots Music - CBG - instruction by Justin Johnson.

CD Recycling Center of America

Have you ever wondered if your old scratched CDs and DVDs can be recycled? Good News! Yes... they can! But you MUST make the sure all the components (CD, paper, Jewel Case or Plastic Sleeve are separate. This is VERY important. Separate the CD from the plastic Jewel Case and remove the paper. Mail these elements in for recycling. The old CDs and DVDs can be made into new stuff. Here's much more info:


George Lucas has created many terrific things in his life-time. Here's another one. A great resource for environmental educators everywhere. Enjoy!



Kidwind equips inquisitive learners and science educators with renewable energy resources for the classroom. Excellent hands on stuff.



Amazing. No seriously... really amazing "DIY" - Do It Yourself Videos to make your old trash into really cool stuff and beautiful stuff. Tiffany Threadgould makes these projects easy to understand and easy to do. Remember "Reusing" is even better than Recycling! Check it out.



Recycled plastic bottles turned into amazing products.

Keep the Shoals Beautiful

I am a founding board member of Keep The Shoals Beautiful in Northwest Alabama. I love the work they do! They are an energized and organized group of smart people that make a very positive impact on The Shoals. Their focus is on litter prevention, waste reduction and community beautification. KTSB is a non-profit affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, dedicated to promoting a cleaner, healthier and safer community and to protecting our natural resources through education, enforcement and action. They believe that behaviors, like littering, can be changed. They believe that beautification can impact our economic growth and safety. And, they believe that recycling is a choice we can embrace to keep our land fills empty and hauling fees lower and to grow jobs. Me too.

The Magic Warehouse

The Magic Warehouse

Over the years, as you might imagine, Iíve been to many many magic shops, but The Magic Warehouse is my current favorite. Hereís why. They are very fast shippers and they really know their magic! They are a real magic shop with everything for the amateur or professional. Whether you are shopping for a beginners magic set, a precision coin gaff made from real silver or the latest magic book, or magic DVD, The Magic Warehouse is the place to shop. Their goal has always been to provide great customer service and fast shipping and they do exactly that!

Batteries Plus – Bulbs

Batteries Plus Ė Bulbs

We stock every kind of battery and charger as well as all light bulbs, including LED, compact fluorescents (CFLs), metal halide, halogen, automotive bulbs, spot and flood PAR lamps, projector bulbs, florescent tubes, and ballasts for all your personal and business needs. Let our battery and bulb experts recommend the best solution for your needs. We build custom battery packs as well as rebuild cordless tool type batteries in our store. We offer analysis and testing of laptop batteries as well as battery installation services in many watches, keyless entry remotes, cars and other devices. We offer on-site business needs analysis and recycling services for both batteries and light bulbs. Open a Business Account Today for volume discounts, delivery and recycling services! Download a Battery & Light Bulb Checklist today and save 10% on your next visit! Any Battery. Any Bulb. For Anything.

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