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Environmental Songs for Kids That Don’t Stink!

"A wild, wacky and wonderful Eco Trip. Mr. Trash has put it all together with cool grooves, clever arrangements and fun positive messages."

- Chuck Leavell - The Rolling Stones Keyboardist & Co-Founder MNN - Mother Nature Network

"Terrific songs that will save the planet."

- Norbert Putnam - Producer of hit albums for Jimmy Buffett, Joan Baez, Dan Fogelberg, and many more

"I love writing and listening to catchy tunes, THE GREEN ALBUM is filled with fun songs that are easy on the ears and even easier on the planet."

- Jay Gonzalez - Keyboardist for the Drive-By Truckers

"Steve Trash’s THE GREEN ALBUM is a fun and rocking’ delight."

- Rick Marcelli (Hollywood Talent Manager & Producer)

"When I push "play," it’s like Steve Trash is putting on the hat right there inside of my ears. His passion for all things green shines through from every song, and it does so in a way that’s uniquely him. A message that provokes thinking and inspires change all wrapped up in humor, magic, and absolutely incredible music!"

- Tim Gels, 3rd Grade Teacher, Endeavor Elementary School

The Green Album


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I came late in life to the music writing and recording game. As a young actor I sang in many musical plays as a character, but I was "playing" a person that’s... not me. In fact, I sang my first original song publicly at my fiftieth birthday party. My musical journey started in 2012 at Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studios with the awesome guitarist Kelvin Holly (Little Richard, Pegi Young and the Survivors, Amazing Rhythm Aces). I learned a lot working with Kelvin on my first Eco-Album of songs "THE TRASH TUNES", and I was really eager to take that knowledge to the next level implementing sound loops and funny musical ideas I had. Early on I enlisted Jimmy Nutt as a producer and collaborator. He is amazing. Take my word for it... amazing. The process for us looked like this: I’d create the words and tunes, then I’d record some demo tracks in Garage Band and take them over to The NuttHouse Studio. I’d say to Jimmy, "So what do you hear?" He’d say, "Well,..." and then we’d launch into musical creation. Jimmy would lay down guitar tracks, bass tracks, keyboard tracks and occasionally a toy piano track. We had two prime directives: make songs that were loosely ecologically themed and make songs we really liked. As a live entertainer, I do my thing solo most of the time and I LOVE working with professional musicians in magical and collaborative ways. For me this project was extra special because I’m friends with many Muscle Shoals musicians and they brought their "A" game to this project. They added amazing solo guitar, horns, backup vocals and beatbox/freestyling! Sonically they made this project pure magic to work on and frankly... I think you’re really gonna like it (almost) as much as I do.


1. Reduce Reuse Recycle (The Magic Words)
2. Smart People Recycle
3. Green Lightning
4. Takin’ a Walk
5. Chateau Debris
6. Hollow Man
7. Really Cool Green Stuff
8. Ecology Is EcoLOGICAL
9. Eco-BeatBox (featuring AB)
10. Everything Is Connected

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Jimmy Nutt at The NuttHouse in Sheffield, AL
Additional Recording by Cody Simmons
Music and Lyrics by Steve Trash®
Jimmy Nutt – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
Steve Trash® - Cigar Box Guitar & Electric Drill
Cody Simmons – Percussion "Eco-BeatBox" Kelvin Holly – Guitars – "Reduce Reuse Recycle" Marie Lewey – "Green Lightning" and "Takin’ A Walk"
Cindy Walker – "Green Lightning" and "Takin’ A Walk"
Brad Guin – Sax – "Smart People Recycle"
Ken Watters – Trumpet – "Smart People Recycle"
Billy Bargetzi – Trombone – "Smart People Recycle"
Anthony "AB" Brooks – Beatbox/Freestyle Vocals - "Eco-BeatBox"

Special Thanks... Anna Perez Perry, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Logan Kilpatrick, Kyndal Kilpatrick, Landry Kilpatrick, Abraham Rowe, Susan Rowe, Jackson Rowe, Malachi Rowe, Keith Sims, Angi Nutt, Caleb Bryant, Dylan Bryant, Carson Brooks, Colin Brooks, Charmy Patel, Christian Tampus, Danny Mitchell, Jeannie Hughes, Michael Hilby, Sharif Elsakka, Robert Millord, Elzbieta Iwona Stawiarz, Andreas Werner, Dianne Richerson






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"The Trash Tunes songs have wonderful green ideas. I love them and kids will love them too!"

- LeVar Burton - Producer & Star of Reading Rainbow

"Great little songs. I'm gonna get one for my kids - they'll love it."

- Mike Cooley - Drive-By Truckers

"Fun songs with a beat. Kids and grownups will love them."

- David Hood – Legendary Bass Player with Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section & Swamper

"We loved these songs! Our favorite was The Recycle Flip which had the kids dancing from beginning to end. It is the cd that they play every time we get into the car. I really love that the songs are suitable for kids but great for adults as well."


Trash Tunes
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Free - Silly - Funny - Kid Friendly - Version of Aluminum Can Blues -CLICK HERE to download the mp3 for FREE

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The Trash Tunes Story:

Steve and Kelvin signing autographs!

One day, Steve Trash went to visit his friend Kelvin Holly. Kelvin was recording music at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios along the banks of the Tennessee River. As Steve watched the "magic" of live music being recorded, he was struck with an idea. There should be an album of "great green songs" that both kids and grownups can dig. Too many times, kids' music is mind-numbingly silly or just plain-old horrible. After the session was finished, Steve shared this idea with Kelvin, and over the next year or two (they both tour extensively), they put this album together. Going for great music with great green ideas that are fun and inspiring to listen to... THE TRASH TUNES were created.

Being green is sometimes misunderstood. At its heart, it is respect for oneself, others and the environment. These songs are dedicated to the Rockin' Eco Heroes who practice this every day.

All songs written and produced by Steve Trash and Kelvin Holly.
All instruments played by Kelvin Holly.
Additional keyboards by N.C. Thurman.
Recorded at Kelvinator Studios
Copyright ©2013 Concrete Dream Inc.

Steve Trash

STEVE TRASH Professional Eco-Entertainer & Rockin' Eco Hero. Steve has toured the world - Japan, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Portugal - entertaining people with green illusions, magic tricks, and funny stuff for more than 25 years. He's appeared at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, was voted Environmental Educator of the Year - 2011, and he lives in an earth-bermed house with PV solar collectors.

Kelvin Holly

KELVIN HOLLY Professional Guitar Player. Kelvin really loves to play the guitar. He's so good at it, he's toured the world playing music. Long time member of Little Richard's band, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, and Muscle Shoals based band, The Decoys, Kelvin has played on numerous recordings through the years, including those by Little Richard, Gregg Allman, Bettye Lavette, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Klaus Voormann and Pegi Young & The Survivors. As guitarist for Little Richard, he has appeared on shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, David Letterman, American Music Awards, The Grammy Awards, and many more.

Free - Silly - Funny - Kid Friendly - Version of Aluminum Can Blues - CLICK HERE to download the mp3 for FREE

(right click link and "Save Link As...").

Listen. Share. Enjoy.

The song is about 6.1mb. We hope you like it.

The Trash Tunes

Green Songs for Cool Kids and Grown-Ups
Steve Trash and Kelvin Holly

1. Rockin' Eco Heroes
Rockin' Guitar Anthem about Rockin' Eco Heroes. Read Lyrics!

2. The Recycle Flip
Love to dance and recycle? Do the Recycle Flip. Read Lyrics!

3. Aluminum Can Blues
Classic blues about that little can in the garbage. Read Lyrics!

4. The Ballad of Ed and Able
Can you tell the difference between Ed & Able - The Recycle Brothers! Read Lyrics!

5. Don't Forget
The world is better because you're in it. This song is your reminder. Read Lyrics!

6. Sun Juice
Psychedelic tune about the sun's abundant energy. Read Lyrics!

7. Garbage Mountain
A country-rocker dedicated to resource abuse and wastefulness. Read Lyrics!

8. Green Houdini
Classic rock & roll dedicated to the magic of our home... planet Earth. Read Lyrics!








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